Burglary and Intruder Alarm Systems

Burglary Alarms

The risk of loss through burglary, theft or criminal damage has steadily increased over the years to an extent where today electronic burglary and intruder alarms and detection systems are widely accepted as a necessary and integral part of everyday life for the protection of persons, property and possessions.

No longer the domain of the rich or for high-risk properties but for all premises, residential and commercial, regardless of size, use or location. To be truly effective security systems must be individually designed and carefully executed in order to minimise, if not to eliminate, the likely risks. Eurolink take into account day to day business use of the premises or the occupants lifestyle, so that the system remains effective, yet user-friendly, simple and trouble free in operation at all times.

The company offer a free design and advisory service with a comprehensive range of intruder alarms and detection systems, which are individually designed for each application and conform to international standards where required e.g. BS 4737, BS 6799 or DD243 and relevant European Standards. Eurolink recognise that whilst most clients acknowledge that cheapness is often a false economy – they do want value for money and Eurolink believe their systems offer the best value that money can buy.

Intruder Alarms

Systems available include external detection systems as well as those designed to cover the perimeter and internal areas of any building, utilising only quality equipment from manufacturers with a proven record of reliability and continuous research and development, ensuring up to the minute technology and a guarantee of quality with the highest standards of customer service.

Eurolink will advise you on the best system for your property from our wide range of detectors and control units. Connection to our Alarm Receiving Centre means that in the event of an alarm, police and keyholders will be summoned.

Eurolink’s remote Alarm Receiving Centre complete the service providing 24 hour, 365 days a year monitoring, not only for alarm and fault signals, but also to include sequential, audio or visual verification of events. This ensures a prompt response by police, keyholders or service engineers, etc. Eurolink also offer a complete range of remote signalling systems from simple dialling equipment to high security dedicated transmission systems.

Eurolink will advise you on the best alarm system for your property

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